Stories From the Future: storytelling and speculative thinking as tools for collective visions of carbon-neutral futures

Stories From the Future: storytelling and speculative thinking as tools for collective visions of carbon-neutral futures

Wednesday 20. January 6-7pm

with Lisa Pettibone, Dylan Harris and Lyn Ford
moderated by Daniela Silvestrin
Live Stream Discussion
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After 8 months of brainstorming, discussing and time travels to the year 2030, the facilitators of the workshop series Stories From the Future, together with guests, will talk about storytelling and speculative thinking as methods to collectively think about our collective future(s). Based specifically on their experience of conducting an international online workshop over the course of 9 months, we will collectively reflect on the potential of collectively writing and narrating ways to futures yet to reach.

Dr. Lisa Pettibone is an independent sustainability teacher, researcher, and writer. She is interested in radical belief systems like degrowth and the ideological change needed for societies to move away from capitalism. In addition to teaching, she enjoys experimenting with different media to talk about such as change, from academic writing to speculative fiction and performance to her podcast “My Climate Diet”.

Dylan M. Harris is an Assistant Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. His work focuses on the stories we tell (and don’t tell) about climate change; why stories are important in the context of crisis, climate change being one of many; and how to tell meaningful stories about and for a more just, equitable future. He is interested in how topics as diverse as folklore and fermentation can help to better articulate and enact ideas like climate justice and a just transition. He is also a contributing editor of the project/blog Not Afraid of the Ruins (

Lyn Ford, a fourth-generation storyteller, teaching artist and author, shares humor, heart and wisdom from her Affrilachian family’s traditions and her own personal stories and interactive, creative programs and workshops.  Lyn’s publications include: Affrilachian Tales; Beyond the Briar Patch; Hot Wind, Boiling Rain: Scary Stories for Strong Hearts, and (written with storytelling friend, Sherry Norfolk), Boo-Tickle Tales: Not-So-Scary Stories for Kids, the September 2019 publication, Speak Peace: Words of Wisdom, Work and Wonder, and 2020’s Supporting Diversity and Inclusion with Story.

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