Sonic Interventions

Sonic Interventions

Wednesday, 20. January 8-9pm

Live Stream Performance and Presentation
Live stream on ACUD TV, Facebook and our Website

Sonic Interventions is a project that emerged organically from a pure need, namely, that of creating a community through music with and for people during a time of social distancing. For the COLLECTIVE PRACTICES closing event, the collective will share an iteration of their practice. They will provide an immersive audio-visual performance exploring the sensory perceptions of ritual relationships, with an accompanying photography archive created by researchers & photographers, Nyambura and Jess Korp. 

The nostalgia and transience captured in their way of seeing, honours the many places that this collective is from, while celebrating the intimacy of being part of a collective driven by connecting loose threads and the need to re-image home during a time of social distancing. The performance will involve collaborative work between Nyambura from Kenya, Jess from Ethiopia, Astaan of French Malian descent, Exoce of French-Congolese descent, Dumama from South Africa and Dylan Hunter Chee Greene of Chinese-Canadian descent. Here, they will invoke their embodied memory, creating a space that moves the imagination.

video editing: Etsuki Usui

Streaming Partner: Boiling Head Media