Stories from the Future – Public Workshop #3

Stories from the Future – Public Workshop #3
live streamed on 1st November 4pm CET

moderated by Lisa Pettibone & Dylan Harris

In our third public workshop, we will put on a variety show: Halloween in 2030! Join us as we debut our artifacts-in-progress, still in development in our fabulous climate-neutral, racially just, and simply FUN future. We’ll have stories, live quilting, museum artifacts, and low-carbon advertisements, plus the debut of Teddy Ruxpin Roosevelt!

With contributions from:

Kirsten: I will give a short talk with a few hand made visual aids on Craftivism, the growing movement of political engagement through hand made arts. Craftivism has developed a strong social media presence in recent years, and I’m eager for the opportunity to share my passion for this movement with the audience!

Dylan: Dylan will provide a retrospective of storytelling throughout the 2020s, presented from the comforts of his lifePod at the 2030 ‘Dimensions of Post-Human Political Ecological’ conference. 

Mike & Antonios: Future diaries: a reading and discussion of two diary entries from 2030.

Lisa: Lisa will join the party as Teddy Ruxpin Roosevelt (a former U.S. president who happens to be a storytelling bear) to test how well we remember the 2020s. Did Germany pass its Basic Income Law in 2021 or 2026? When did Canada become carbon-neutral? How did U.S. President Kamala Harris open her inauguration address in 2029?

Stay tuned for more news on the upcoming artifacts!