Faces & Places

Faces & Places

In “Faces and Places” we imagine a degrowth future 2030, in which people organize collectively in order to better deal with the climate and other crises. This future shows a global pluriverse of communities on their way to becoming truly solidary, just, democratic, feminist, emancipatory, eco-sufficient, post-capitalist, and decolonial. We asked how far these communities will have come in 2030, what they (we) will have set out on the road.

So we wrote short stories, letters, and poems, we did collages, drew maps, and even learned useful words in Esperanto to show what the good life looks, feels, and sounds like in 2030 from the people’s and communal perspectives. At this, we followed Ursula K. Le Guin’s “The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction” (1986) and told the “life stories”, not the “killer story” or the story about “the hero”. To strive for and embrace greater plurality with our artifacts, we drew inspiration from the (human and non-human) Sci-Fi characters we chose as our avatars for the project as well as from additional characters inspired by our guest speakers and the readings we shared.

Postcards from 2030

Map of New America

Infinite Town Ad

Words from 2030


Kaloikostopia Brandenburg 2030. Report from a Degrowth Future

Letters from 2030: Tehanu

Letters from 2030: Fallon