Postcards from 2030

Postcards from 2030

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*courtesy of The Burning Man Community, where life is to be reborn from ashes and dust.

Cry me a flower

Is there growth
without grief ?

For what is gone,
for what is left
even Men cry
in the face of the sunset
while we wait for a new dawn

and wiser creatures
do not as they (we) please
but as they must,

flowers bloom
where tears watered the land.

Oh look, a coral symbiont !
*courtesy of The Fishpeople Community, where humans learn new ways of living with the sea.

The song of life

We sing the song of life

we sing with one voice
the sea the fish
the humans and the shells
the corals and the sand.

We sing with one voice
that there’s no life
apart –
there is no us and them.

Life runs deep in the water
as high in the sky
on this Earth in the dirt,
don’t cut yourself off.


we accept we are one
with the song of life.


Lavinia is a princess from an old epic saga who found her voice when she met Ursula Le Guin. She sings, writes, reads and lives passionately. Back in 2020, she was studying maths and stuff at university, mostly because she hadn’t yet decided where to grow her garden yet. Today she has many more roots and still plenty of languages to learn. You can teach her yours at