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Infinite Town Ad

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Infinite Town Add by Infinite Towns, Inc.

Infinite Towns, the only subsidiary of Amazon left after the chaos of the early 2020s and the downfall of Google, took over several major US cities to re-use infrastructure in an efficient manner. They were only allowed to do so because they had the capital to invest at the time. Their goal is to build mini-developments (about 150 people) of like-minded individuals within larger metropolitan areas.

Robin Lovell

Robin Lovell has been investigating magic to fix climate change since the age of 7. They were a professor of geography, but in the 2020s transitioned into politics to help people kick their carbon addiction and build sustainable communities. Now a Vision Keeper in an Earthseed Community of New York, Robin spends their days co-creating a community that lives to heal the earth. They also woodwork, juggle, write, grow things, and live with their wife and kids in what was once Massachusetts.