Words from 2030

Words from 2030

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Many of the communities of Eastern and Southern Europe also decided to take a stand against the hegemonic role of the English language in international communications, and decided to teach Esperanto to their infanoj, besides the local languages. Here is some vocabulary they find useful:

Community = Komunumo
Earth = (ground, soil, land) Tero; (gound, soil) Grundo; (planet Earth) Tero Food = Manĝaĵo (food), Nutraĵo (nourishment)
Seed = Semo
Life = Vivo
Music = Muziko
Travel = vojaĝo
Work = Laboro
Job = Tasko
Plant = Planto
Animal = Besto; Animalo (not vegetable or mineral)
Human = Homa
Water = Akvo
River = Rivero
Child = Infano
Family = Familio
Friendship = Amikeco
Solidarity = Solidaro
Transformation = Metamorfozo, Aliformiĝo, Transformo
Region = Regiono
Collective = Kolektivo
Carbon burial = Karbono + Entombigo, Enterigo

Source: https://lernu.net/en/vortaro


Lavinia is a princess from an old epic saga who found her voice when she met Ursula Le Guin. She sings, writes, reads and lives passionately. Back in 2020, she was studying maths and stuff at university, mostly because she hadn’t yet decided where to grow her garden yet. Today she has many more roots and still plenty of languages to learn. You can teach her yours at lulam@tuta.io