Kaloikostopia Brandenburg 2030. Report from a Degrowth Future

Kaloikostopia Brandenburg 2030. Report from a Degrowth Future

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Brandenburg 2030: The Kaloikostopians bring together people and communities to create a network of regional solidarity which provides for the “good live for all”: the intentional InfiniteEarthseed, and Compost Communities as well as representatives from Brandenburg’s more conventional cities and villages. The process is co-facilitated by the collectives of the Earth’s AdvocatesIncludersMoctivistsTheirstorytellers, and Vision Keepers. So, what can possibly go wrong?

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jana writes about and contributes to collective transformative processes. Back in 2020, jana co-founded the Unleashing Fantasy Collective (UFC) to facilitate workshops on speculative fiction to co-imagine future degrowth-societies. Over the past ten years it proved to be existential for our societies to find those stories that inspire solidary and caring communities and strengthen our capabilities to self-organize. Therefore, together with the UFC, jana collects and spreads human and non-human life stories and practices to provide a nurturelational learning ground for organizing the good life for all.