THF Radio – Regenerative Listening

THF Radio – Regenerative Listening

live radio streaming; Tune in on

Saturday 28th November; 3pm-10pm

THF Radio moves from their gatekeeper house at Tempelhof Airport into ACUD to guest curate a day of radio for ‘Ecosystems Of Creativity’ via „Collective Practices“. Throughout the 7 hour guest broadcast, collectives, DJs and friends of THF will explore the concept of collectivity, community and constructing a better future via music and discussions. Duygu Ağal & Derya Yıldırım curators of this summer’s „BETTER FOR YOUR LIFE: Womxn Week“ with THF, will be hosting a panel talk with Slic Unit (an all femme collective) and b2b-crew, exploring the challenges facing collective work and how the realisation of the „Womxn Week“ manifested further steps towards collective knowledge, spreading agency & awareness amongst the whole collective. Juba, Sarah Farina, Kerstin Meißner and Nana Addison will also be returning to THF to continue their discussion on imagining an alternative radical future and creating a truly inclusive society. The day will be accompanied by music sets from Slic Unit, B2BCREW and Dj Monibi, showcasing THF’s sonic offering to the city.


15-16 An alternate reality w/ Juba, Transmission Net, Nana Addison & Sarah Farina

16-17:30 Ecetera w/ Monibi

17:30-18 Womxn Week power of a collective w/ Duygu Agal & Derya Yildirim

18-20 Slic Unit w/ Slimgirl Fat, Senu & Jaxx‘s TMS

20-20:30 Talk w/ Slic Unit & B2B Crew

20:30-22 B2B Crew