Motions Through The Continent with Freak de L’Afrique

Motions Through The Continent with Freak de L’Afrique

Dance Performance

Since 2012 the Freak de l’Afrique collective has exposed Berlin’s nightlife to the wealth of African clubsounds. From Afrobeats and Afro House to Kuduro and Coupé Décalé and beyond, all of these genres are an integral part of the crews’ performances and offerings to the city. 

On the 14th November the Freak de l’Afrique Soundsystem and its’ dancers will present a unique showcase combining sounds from the motherland with dance choreographies from various African regions.

Mista Wallizz will be on the decks accompanied by DJ Nomi on the Mic, with their dancers Christon, Bella, Lucia & Exorcisse on the floor offering a sample of the richness and diversity of African creative expression, through their arresting choreography. 

Streaming Partner: Boiling Head Media

Videoshoot and editing: @blckgenesiz and @melaninmvmnt