Tewa Barnosa

(b. 1998) Tewa Barnosa is Libyan Tamazight artist and cultural producer, She was born and raised in Tripoli and currently based in Berlin, her practice moves around Identity and belonging…

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Daddypuss Rex

By night, Daddypuss Rex is an intersectional gender terrorist with a big mouth and who isn’t afraid to use it. Based in Berlin, they are a multidisciplinary artist/poet/stand-up comedian and…

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ASHUS is a Berlin based queer black artist and activist. They moved to the german capital roughly 7 years ago after growing up in a small town in the north.…

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Folly Ghost

Folly Ghost
Image: Rafael Medina -

Folly Ghost is a Brazilian DJ and curator based in Berlin and a core member of No Shade. His tracks are a collection of seductive rhythms with a fierce bass…

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THF-Radio is a self-organized community radio station that formed in early 2020, embodying the essence of community building through the arts. The concept began after they successfully organised a festival…

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Amanda Chartier Chamorro

Amanda Chartier Chamorro
Image: Amanda Chartier Chamorro

Both as Musicologist and Translator, Amanda focuses on (inter)(trans)cultural aspects, where music(s) and language(s) are powerful sources of knowledge and creative tools to re-write and re-think our relationships as human…

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Diana Troya

From biology to anthropology she is still exploring what “nature” means. Diana explores the human no-human relations to envision worlds otherwise. Her work is mainly focused on audio-visual tools but…

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Tea Stražičić a.k.a. flufflord

Artist, from Croatia, Berlin based. Makes album art, real time 3D assets with focus on character design. Enjoys feeding animals in free time.  For more info visit

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favelamunk a.k.a. Fa’ Pawaka

Multidisciplinary Indonesian artist favelamunk a.k.a Fa' Pawaka settled in Berlin 5 years ago. She has explored many different platform of expressions through out her journey and these last 2 years…

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