Imad Gebrayel

Imad Gebrayel
Image: @exhoax

Imad is a creative director and researcher specializing in identity representation and bilingual visual communication. He has produced visual and theoretical works around self-Orientalism in Arab design, subjective mapping and…

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Freak de l’Afrique

Freak de l’Afrique is a Berlin based collective of DJs, MCs & Dancers who share a common passion for modern African club sounds. Since 2012 the team organises Afro events…

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Julia Fritzsche

Julia Fritzsche
Foto Credit: Julia Schärdel

Julia Fritzsche, geboren 1983, würde gerne ihre eigenen Texte aus der Vergangenheit nochmal umschreiben, denn sie lernt ständig dazu. Fritzsche ist Autorin von “Tiefrot und radikal bunt”, 2019, Edition Nautilus.…

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Erkan Affan

Erkan Affan
Image by Alexis Jang –

Erkan Affan is a queer curator and writer born in London, currently based in Berlin. With an academic background in “Middle Eastern” studies [BA, SOAS] and migration studies [MSc, UCL], Erkan’s research…

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Lukas Dubro

Lukas Dubro is a Berlin-based journalist and publisher. He studied Angewandte Literaturwissenschaft at Freie Universität Berlin. In 2017 he started “Kapsel”–the first magazine dedicated to science fiction literature from China…

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Party Office

Party Office is an artist run art and social space in New Delhi. Party- is a political group with certain ideologies and agendas. Party- is an act which seems to…

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Colin Self

Colin Self
Image: Colin Self

Colin Self is an artist and composer based in Berlin Germany. They create and instigate music, performances and environments for expanding consciousness and troubling boundaries and binaries of perception and communication.…

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The Incredible Edible Akynos

The Incredible Edible Akynos
Image: PJ Starr

Akynos is the founder of the Black Sex Worker Collective, author, performance artist, and an educator in the fields of sexuality, HIV, and rights. As the current director of the…

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Emre Busse

Emre Busse
Credit: Erdem Akkaya

Born in Istanbul, Turkey and based in Berlin, Germany. As a member of the Istanbul LGBTIQ+ Pride Committee, he took part in the organization of pride events between 2011- 2013.…

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