Zusammen Zuhören #8 – Playlist

Zusammen Zuhören #8 – Playlist

During the final Zusammen Zuhören in this edition of COLLECTIVE PRACTICES, we listened to the following songs and tracks together, without knowing anything about them, and shared what each of us heard, experienced and thought afterwards:

Duma – Lionsblood

Nick Klein – Pear Brandy

VOCES 8 – Agnus Dei

Jean du Voyage & Djéla – The Closest Ghost

Eartheater – Not Worried

Drake – Not You Too

Hexorcismos – 𝖞𝖊-𝖕𝖔𝖍𝖚𝖆𝖑𝖑𝖎

Husky Rescue – New Light of Tomorrow

Thank you to Lyra for hosting Zusammen Zuhören with so much care and attention to all participants and pieces of music! Apart from providing an occasion to get together, and discover and listen to music, the series has been a practice of collectivity at so many levels. Each time, we have built a collective listening practice, a joint understanding of the nuances in music and the many different ways of listening – through everyone’s contributions. Every session was different and shaped by each participant – both through the music they brought, and the thoughts they shared. The format of everyone bringing a track they care about, encourages a truly openminded listening practice – so even if a track doesn’t spontaneously strike you as particular, knowing that someone in the group brought it, opens up your attention for what could be beautiful in it, for what someone could see in it, for a different perspective. And, in the current online gathering environment, listening to music together facilitates an a bit more embodied way of community and connection – each time at the end of the session, it almost felt like we were in a room together. <3