Playlist – Zusammen Zuhören #6

Playlist – Zusammen Zuhören #6

Listening to music together in a small group of people. Each participant brings a track they care about. All in their homes, with their bodies connected through the shared experience of sound. Exchanging impressions of what we listened to. Building a shared understanding of nuances and compositions of music through everyone’s comments. With the screen fading into the background and a feeling of sitting together coming to the front. One of the participants commented on the beauty of the “non-judgemental way of listening” – listening to something you maybe wouldn’t have listened to so attentively otherwise, and understanding why someone else cares about these sounds.

Here is the list of the tracks we listened to this time:

Felicia Atkinson – Adaption Assez Facile

FAKA – Uyang’khumbula

Abul Mogard – Stumbling Oscillations

DJ Nigga Fox – Poder Do Vento

The B-52’s – Dance this mess around

Beck – Round the bend

Objekt – Secret Snake

Alanis Morissette – Your House (hidden track)