XOIR – Colin Self – 31st October

XOIR – Colin Self – 31st October

Last workshop on 31st October 2pm.

To register, please send an email to collective.practices@acudmachtneu.de

While the politics of assembly are especially pertinent to our daily lives, public safety, and mental health, this iteration of XOIR will work as an experiment of how to engage in group singing across distances and in new forms. To both cultivate a dialogue space about the foreclosure of communal experience and the precarity of creative collectivity in our times, these sessions will serve to both offer the meditative space of group sound production, as well as a conversation space about the creative ecologies and the politics of the voice in the times of COVID-19. 

Since we will be capping participation, we are inviting a group of core members to commit to the following dates to build upon multiple points of meeting and cultivate something to be presented to the public on September 13th. Once those dedicated spots have been filled, we will then be offering the remaining spaces to individuals who might curiously be interested in stopping by for one or two sessions. The goal of this time is to both offer an exploratory space around the voice and group singing as well as an inquiry toward the future possibilities and potentials of collective practice existing offline, in 3D space, with people.

How to participate:

For joining the core group, please send an email with the subject XOIR core group to collective.practices@acudmachtneu.de 

For joining one of the events on a drop in basis, please send an email with the subject XOIR drop in “date”  to collective.practices@acudmachtneu.de 

There are no requirements for joining the workshop, we welcome everyone with or without experience. 

The events will take place in the ACUD courtyard outside and capacity is limited so that we can have enough space between each other.