Diane Esnault

Diane Esnault
Image: Diane Esnault

Diane Esnault is a French textile designer who expands her curiosity to the cultural and arts fields. From April to August 2018 she has been assisting the curatorial duo Karma Ltd. Extended during their exhibition series at ACUD Galerie before joining the team of ACUD MACHT NEU – the initiative operating three spaces at Kunsthaus ACUD Berlin-Mitte – as Social Media Manager.

She is now Content Manager and Coordination Assistant of Amplify Berlin, a music residency & creative development program designed to support emerging Berlin-based musicians, co-financed by the Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE) and Musicboard Berlin. 

Since two years, Diane Esnault developed long term collaborations: assisting the Berlin-based cross-disciplinary artist Claudia Hill in textile-based environments for costume design, scenography and vexillography & also Berlin-based artist Raul Walch in big scale fabric installations. In September 2018, she has been working as production assistant on Tianzhuo Chen’s performance « An Atypical Brain Damage » shown at Kampnagel, Hamburg.

The Exhibition «HUMANTHIRST » is the result of Diane Esnault’s latest decisive encounter with artists Pauline Canavesio and Jan Durina in which she has been taking part as curator.