Collective Embodied Storytelling

Collective Embodied Storytelling

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Collective Embodiment Storytelling deals with questions of embodiment and community. Specifically, it explores questions about how habits of our life are inscribed in our body and how they translate into unique movement shapes and qualities, in this work specific stories. More importantly, it examines the relatedness between bodies and how they establish connection among each other by sensing other bodies through movement.

Looking at the not-so-far future of 2030, it is evident that collaboration is a vital aspect of survival. Yet, we all know that collaboration faces the challenges of humanities ever ceaseless boundaries of fights for power over geographies, ressources, status, wealth, to name a few.

Collective practices of moving the body through time and space, to dance together, has never lost its fascination, yet it is not fully recognized as being as influential or transformative as communicative or intellectual mastery would be to overcome the above mentioned boundaries.

Collective Embodied Storytelling aims to remind our bodies, our collective bodies, of the transformative potential of moving related to each other, and how this feeds back into the reflection of our own existence. Frankly spoken, connecting one’s moving body with other moving bodies, connects us to life and the environment in general, and inevitably bears the burning need to protect it, to take action to do so. 

Concept and Realisation: Marit Brademann
Dancers: Lisa Günther, Maria Kyrou, Marit Brademann


Marit is a researcher and artist concerned with bodily movement and embodiment from a sociological and an environmental perspective. Her ongoing project “moving brain/borders” brings humans overly concerned with reason back to the smartest of all devices: the human body. She believes that the day body and mind are reunited for everybody, we will have saved the planet without much less sacrifice than we had expected.