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Future Diaries

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In your future, intertemporal communication technologies make it possible to transmit a podcast with guests from different universes and gain insights that can apply to listeners in any time or place. Join us and discover futures that just might be yours: https://futurediaries.show/


Antonis Triantafyllakis is a creative thinker and tech solutionist. He advocates for learning and developing sustainably while navigating towards one’s future. He remembers 2030 from his research as a time of transition to a forced convergence between the virtual abundance of the digital world and the harsh scarcity of the natural environment, by then more clearly revealing the nature of the anthropocene.



Mike Athay is an environmentalist, educator, and advocate for more just and sustainable applications of technologies in societies. Until 2020, he mostly read and taught; since then, he has also been researching, writing, podcasting, recording, and advocating. He thinks 2030 is pretty dope, but he acknowledges that word sounded better in 2020.

Instagram: @coolglasses | Twitter: @mikeathay


Katelyn Greller is a writer and talker from what was called Maryland before the balkanization of the former United States. She currently resides in South Pennsylvania with chickens and someone like Kurtis Conner. In 2020 she became an editor for the Deep Adaptation Forum blog, which today is simply called the news.

Instagram: @katelynbg